At the end of March, the community of Lebanon and Wilson County were left reeling after a horrible accident.  They lost a beloved coach in a car wreck and his untimely death has been resonating for months.  Like so many accidents, the wreck was senseless and tragic, but now the court has also decided that it’s criminal.


On the last weekend of March, the former golf and girls’ basketball coach was traveling with a young family friend along Woodside Drive in Lebanon.   Tragedy struck, however, when he entered into the Winwood and Woodside intersection and directly into the path of an approaching car.  The car, driven by a teen who had held a license for less than a year, failed to yield at the stop sign and slammed into the coach’s vehicle.


The coach’s young passenger suffered serious injuries in the wreck and had to be taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center.  He survived the wreck – sadly, the coach did not.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.


There were no signs of alcohol or drugs contributing to the accident, so at the time it was unclear whether or not charges would be filed.  Speed and a failure to yield were believed to be the main cause, but it wasn’t until after an investigation and traffic reconstruction that the justice system could truly take effect.  Now three months later the young driver who sped through an intersection and took a life is facing the serious charges of vehicular homicide by recklessness.


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