Last week we shared the incredibly tragic story of a Marine who was killed in Nashville after a collision with a tractor trailer. The man was riding his motorcycle along a Middle Tennessee road when a semi turned into his lane. A combination of the biker speeding and the truck turning without a signal caused a collision that ultimately took the Marine’s life. Accidents like this occur far too often and another unfortunate reminder happened over the weekend.


Late Sunday night another motorcycle and semi-truck were involved in a devastating collision – this time just south of downtown. The biker was spotted speeding by a Metro officer and a chase quickly ensued. Desperate to avoid arrest the rider increased his speed and ran several red lights. The pursuit ended the way so many high speed chases end… with a life-threatening accident.


Before the police officer had even caught up, the rider had already slammed into a tractor trailer. According to witnesses the biker tried to run yet another red light. His luck ran out when a semi entered the intersection at the same time.


The motorcyclist was critically injured in the accident and was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


These types of Nashville accidents are some of the most senseless our community ever witness because they seem to be so avoidable. Hopefully the rider will have a speedy recovery and serve as reminder of the dangers of reckless driving.


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