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A construction site is a dangerous place. Federal laws are in place to keep the workplace safe and lower the potential for workers to be hurt on the job. Unfortunately, some employers ignore these safety regulations and worker injuries are a result. The injuries are usually very serious, debilitating and often fatal.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a construction accident, we can help. Attorney Mitch Grissim has 39 years of experience in injury law. He’s Board Certified and has helped thousands of injured clients recover they compensation they needed.

Since construction accidents are work-related by their nature, they usually involve filing a workers’ compensation claim. For detailed information about workers’ compensation, see our Workers’ Compensation FAQ.

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In 39 years, Mitch has handled a large number of construction accident injuries. Many injuries have resulted from scaffold collapses or workers being crushed by heavy machinery, building materials and sometimes from the carelessness of their co-workers. Because of the nature of the construction environment, these injuries can be very serious, including:

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No matter how your construction accident occurred, and whatever the resulting injury, we have the skill and resources to help. Mitch oversees each of the cases we handle, and he is supported in his efforts by a highly experienced, friendly team.

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