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It’s a little-known fact: motorcyclists are among the safest drivers on the road. They have to be because the freedom and exhilaration of riding a motorcycle comes at the expense of their personal safety and protection.

Motorcycle accidents are almost always caused by automobile drivers. Either a driver does not see or just doesn’t think to look for something smaller than a vehicle. The results can be devastating, and even deadly.

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Motorcycle Risks

Riding a motorcycle presents inherent risks simply due to the lack of safety features and skill required to operate them. It’s important to remember, however, that these risks don’t automatically make you liable for any accidents that may occur. It’s simply important to know what to look out for to make sure you’re careful when riding.

The size of a motorcycle itself presents a problem as it limits your visibility to other drivers. It’s common for motorcyclist approaching an intersection to be blocked visually from other drivers by signs or large vehicles. A motorcycle also has no airbags or safety cage in the event of an accident leaving you open to outside dangers. You’re also vulnerable to typically trivial hazards like small debris and even wet pavement.

Lane Splitting

In short, lane splitting is the act of riding your motorcycle in between lanes on the road. This is a common tactic used by motorcyclists to bypass traffic. However, lane splitting is inherently dangerous and often leads to accidents. The reduced area to maneuver and the unpredictability of traffic can make the risks vastly outweigh the benefits.

In many states, lane splitting is outright banned. Tennessee is one of those states, so if you’re thinking of lane splitting here, you could be in for some serious legal repercussions in addition to any injuries you may sustain. It is important to note, however, that it is still legal for two motorcycles to ride next to each other in a single lane.


Liability in motorcycle accidents is determined the same way as it is in other automobile accidents. The party that was acting the most careless is at fault and has to cover the damages. While it is most common for another vehicle to be liable in a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist isn’t immune from liability. For example, sudden swerves may be considered reckless driving.

Motorcycles are also more commonly subjected to no contact accidents. In these cases, your motorcycle never makes contact with another vehicle, yet the other vehicle is still responsible for your accident. Imagine a car suddenly turns in front of you with no signal or warning. You swerve to get out of the way and end up in a ditch. The car never touched you, but the driver of that car is still at fault.

Making Your Claim

The primary aspect of making a successful claim for your motorcycle accident is proving fault. This is done in generally four steps. First, you have to show that there are laws in place specifically preventing the behavior that caused you to have your accident. Then, you must show that the defendant violated those laws.

Once you’ve demonstrated wrongdoing, you have to provide details of how that wrongdoing caused your injuries and finally, how your injuries caused you to suffer losses whether they be calculable or incalculable. This can be a lot to keep up with especially if you’ve never been in a courtroom setting before like so many victims which is why having a reputable personal injury attorney at your side is essential for success.

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If you have suffered injuries in a wreck, or lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident, we are here to help. Attorney Mitch Grissim has practiced personal injury law for 38 years. He is AV-Rated* under Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review rating system, is Board Certified, and has represented thousands of clients.

Mitch oversees all of the cases we handle and makes himself readily available to discuss the progress of your case. Named one of the “Best of the Bar” by the Nashville Business Journal, he is supported in his efforts by an experienced, friendly and professional team. Our law office is well-equipped to handle even the most severe crash injuries, including:

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