Nursing Home Abuse in Nashville, Tennessee

It’s hard to entrust strangers with the care of your family members. But when your loved one must be in a nursing home, you expect them to receive a suitable level of treatment. Consequently, when evidence of nursing home neglect is discovered, the shock, guilt and helplessness can be overwhelming.

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How Do I Know If My Loved One Is Being Neglected?

It can be difficult to determine if your family member is suffering neglect or abuse and proving it is harder still. Many times, your loved one may not be able to speak or communicate about the poor treatment he or she has experienced. There are some tell-tale signs that should raise questions and start an investigation:

  • Bedsores and infections
  • Medication errors
  • A very unclean, unkempt appearance
  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Death

This kind of treatment constitutes negligence on the part of the nursing home at the very least, and could be considered outright abuse. The result of such neglect or abuse can have a long-term, even permanent effects on your loved one.

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