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According to the law, property owners who allow people to come onto their property are required to keep their property safe. If you or a loved one is injured due to a property or business owner’s negligence, you may have the right to take legal action against that property or business owner. Negligence could be either creating an unsafe condition (such as a hole, a freshly mopped floor) or by allowing an unsafe condition to remain after those responsible for the property – the owners/managers/employees – have knowledge of the condition, such as a spill, or damaged or uneven flooring.

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Grocery Stores/Restaurants/Businesses: More Dangerous than They Look

Most people think of grocery stores, restaurants or retail businesses as safe places. Slip-and-fall injuries occur so frequently that some major retail chains have internal litigation departments specifically assigned to handle premises liability cases.

Most injury accidents would never occur if the business would correct the hazard, i.e. change the flooring, remove pallets, clean spills, use proper materials for building ramps, and use proper slip resistant matting for water areas.

Some businesses seem to be an accident waiting to happen. For example, they use flooring material that is “slippery when wet” in a building where water and other liquids are necessary and common. These places count on their managers and employees to prevent accidents by either posting a sign or other warning about the risk, or to otherwise remedy the condition immediately.

Unfortunately, many times there is a lapse between the hazardous condition occurring and someone finding it and posting a warning sign. On top of that, the floors are rock hard and unforgiving. When someone accidentally falls on such a hard surface. We usually see:

Many of these injuries from these accidents never fully heal. Accident victims must endure long-term pain and impairment, which requires long-term medical treatment. Make sure your lawyer knows how to recover a settlement that will cover all your needs – now and in the future.

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