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Category Archives: Amputations


Types of Amputation Injuries Caused by Accidents

By Mitch Grissim & Associates |

Depending on the circumstances, an accident can cause all types of injuries; however, one of the most severe and life-changing is an amputation injury. There are two main types of amputation injuries that may result from a serious accident, and they result in permanent disability that deserves to be compensated by those responsible for… Read More »

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Common Causes of Amputation Injuries

By Mitch Grissim & Associates |

Accidents that result in the traumatic or medical amputation of body parts are often catastrophic for victims and lead to a lifetime of disability. Amputation injuries happen far more often than many people realize, and the results can be devastating. Amputations can be caused by many different types of accidents, and if you or… Read More »

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