A tragic accident in Greene County involving a UPS tractor-trailer and a pickup truck is a stark reminder of the damage that can result from accidents involving large trucks. The tractor-trailer caught fire, and the driver perished. The pickup truck driver and his passenger sustained some minor injuries when their vehicle overturned. Parcels from the UPS truck littered the road, becoming potential hazards for other drivers.


Accidents involving large trucks can be devastating because of the death, injuries, and damage to property they cause. Due to their size and how unwieldy they generally are, a large truck is a serious hazard. Data from 2006 reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows us that in one year alone, large truck accidents caused close to 5,000 deaths and 106,000 injuries in the US.


Liability in large truck accidents


When it comes to accidents involving large trucks, here are some possibilities for who may be responsible:


The driver of the truck. Many truck drivers handle themselves on the road with skill and responsibility, but some engage in negligent behavior. This includes driving while greatly fatigued or inebriated, or failing to follow proper road rules; truck drivers may speed, tailgate, or make careless turns or lane changes without properly accounting for other vehicles.


The owner(s) of the truck, and the company or individual who leases the truck. For instance, they may not have gotten the proper safety inspections for the vehicle or hired drivers that are adequately trained. Also, whoever is responsible for safely storing items in the truck can also be held responsible if something the truck is transporting breaks loose and causes unnecessary and preventable damage.


Manufacturers. Accidents can result from different components of the truck breaking down or malfunctioning; in such cases, the companies responsible for manufacturing different parts of the truck may share in the responsibility for the accident.


In the aftermath of such an accident, if you’re struggling with steep medical bills, property damage, and personal devastation, reach out to experienced Nashville truck accident attorneys. By carefully reviewing the details of the accident, our attorneys will help you determine who is responsible and work for you to receive fair compensation.