Workplace injuries can range from relatively minor to tragically life altering. If you’ve suffered an injury while on the job, then it’s possible that your accident resulted in nerve damage. Nerve damage, more than almost any other type of work injury, can limit your ability to work and live your life the way you need and want.

Following a work injury that resulted in nerve damage, it can be difficult to decide how to proceed. Fortunately, in these circumstances you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help you get on with your life. Read an overview of getting Nashville workers’ compensation after you’ve suffered a workplace injury that caused serious nerve damage.

What Type of Nerve Damage Have You Suffered?

One of the first things to determine after you suspect you’ve suffered nerve damage is exactly what type of damage you have experienced. With a standard injury, you will have either suffered injury directly to the nerve or be experiencing pressure on the nerve. Both of these circumstances can cause tremendous physical pain and make it difficult to live your life.

Generally speaking, workplace related nerve damage stems from two causes: Physical injury or repetitive stress from performing the same task over and over again. It is also possible to suffer nerve damage from an injury, but this is much rarer than the other two causes.

Benefits Available to You

While every state has rules for what injuries are and aren’t eligible for workers’ comp benefits, virtually every state covers nerve damage. The level of benefits you receive will be determined by the overall severity of your injury and the amount of time you will be out of work.

Some workers will eventually be able to resume their jobs, and will receive weekly benefits until such a time as they are able to do so. Others will never be able to work again, and will be able to receive permanent disability benefits. Finally, if you have the ability to work but not at your old position, you may be able to receive vocational rehabilitation training.

Whatever benefits you are eligible to receive, Nashville workers’ compensation is a great way to support yourself and your family after you’ve suffered nerve damage from a workplace injury.

Fight for Your Nashville Workers’ Compensation

After you’ve been hurt on the job and suffered nerve damage as a result of your injury, it can seem almost impossible to move on with your life, especially if you’re having trouble getting your deserved workers’ comp benefits. Instead of going it alone, you should fight for your Nashville workers’ compensation with the help of the lawyers at Mitch Grissim & Associates.

The team at Mitch Grissim has the legal knowledge to help you receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you are counting on so that you can start covering from your serious workplace injury. Don’t accept a denial of your claim; contact Mitch Grissim & Associates right away so that we can start working on your nerve damage case.