“They need to know their father, his death was not in vain. We don’t want this to happen to anyone else. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy. I just want my brother back.” This is the painful plea from a family devastated by a recent accident in Madison.


It occurred on Saturday while the father of three was crossing Briley Parkway with a friend. According to the friend “it happened so fast.” Apparently a car swerved and collided with the man. It was a violent collision, but the driver of the car never stopped.


Police did manage to find the silver sedan that they believed was involved in the hit-and-run. The car was swiftly impounded while their investigation continues. Hopefully, the investigation will find the person responsible for this egregious crime. The mourning family deserves at least that much. Until then they are turning to the support of their family to help ease the pain of their loss.


So what can you and your family do if you’re faced with a similar tragedy? Well, when the person that caused your family to suffer is brought to justice, you can also seek financial compensation for your loss.


Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Nashville?


Auto accidents have the ability to change lives forever. Whether they lead to a serious injury or a wrongful death, the ramifications are never just reserved to those involved. Friends, families, entire communities, can find their world turned upside-down.


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