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Frequently Asked Questions

Yep. There certainly are. In Tennessee, we have a statute of limitations that is one year. In other states is might be two years, three years, six years. So, it’s important just to get on top of this case quickly. In fact, the insurance company is already working on your case. They’ve got a file working. They’ve got investigators. They’ve got photographs, and the sooner you get me involved in it the sooner I can get my people on your case and start building your file.

Yes, cases settle out of court more often than not. In fact, the majority of times, cases settle out of court. For every hundred cases we may open, we only have to try 8 or 9 of them. The rest of them are worked out in a mediation process or ADR [alternative dispute resolution], or some process by which cases are settled without the risk and the confusion and the cost of going to trial. So I’m happy to say that in this environment, in this community, yes, your case will probably settle out of court.

When you call me, I’m going to invite you to come down and meet with me personally. We’re going to sit down at the table and I’m going to take the facts of your case. And at that point you’re going to hand it all over to me and I’m going to take it from there. And I’ll be there for you. You can call me and ask me questions as we work through this process. But all you need to know is that you’ve got a lawyer protecting your rights and taking care of your business and advancing your cause.

I think our clients get excellent outcomes and excellent settlements. And I believe the reason that happens in part is because all the lawyers that handle cases in my office are certified as trial specialists by the National Board of Trial Certification. So, when the insurance company deals with us, they know we know what our clients are entitled to. There are many elements of damages and we know what they are and we know how to get them. The key to a good settlement is if you can imagine squeezing all the juice out of an orange when you’re making a glass of orange juice, you don’t want to leave any of that juice in that orange and you don’t want to leave any of that money on the table. So a good settlement is one that includes full compensation for the losses incurred. And we try to do that in every case.

Well, if I take your case, the defendant’s insurance company is paying your medical bills, and they’re paying you a good bit more. They’re going to pay you your pain and suffering. They’re paying you for your car, time out of work, disability, and a number of other things that are itemized as compensable damages in Tennessee. But the bottom line is, if I take your case, and the defendant’s got insurance, they’ll be paying your bills.

Sure you can. All you have to do it pick up the phone and call me. I’m there to take your phone call. I’ll meet with you in person. In fact, if we talk about your case and I invite you down to talk further, it’ll be me that you meet with. We’ll open your case and I’ll be there for the duration. Anytime you have a question, you give me a call.

Well, you know every case is different. And they each have a unique and separate value. Until you’ve gotten into the case, and you’ve read what the doctors have had to say about your injuries, you’ve looked at what your medical bills are and what they’ve totaled, how long you’re out of work, whether or not you’re left with a disability or any impairment… Until you know all those things – how long it took you to get well and how much it cost and how it affected your life, it’s really impossible to know exactly what a case is worth. You don’t want a ballpark from me. You want to know what it’s worth. And I’m not going to be able to tell you that until we get to the end of the process, until you’ve finished treating with your doctors and we can look at your records and make an evaluation of your case. At that point I’ll tell you exactly what the case is worth. I’ve been doing this nearly 30 years, and if the insurance company doesn’t want to pay you, we’ll take them to court.

The length a case takes depends a lot on the injuries. Someone who’s seriously injured and recovers down the road is going to have a case that takes longer. Someone whose medical treatment is relatively short will have a case in what we call “packaging,” the negotiation stage, very quickly. A lot of it depends on you and your injuries, but I can tell you this, once you’re released from the doctor, we’ll be running full speed ahead to get this case settled.

Well, hopefully yes. Each case depends on its own circumstances, but the bottom line or the general rule is this, if your car is in the shop being repaired because the other party tore it up or was negligent then their insurance company should provide you a rental so that you can get to and from work and not have additional losses while your car is being fixed.

If you hire me and my firm to represent you, we’re going to meet and open a file and from that point on, I want you to go home, concentrate on getting well and getting better and getting this thing behind you. I’ll take care of the details. My staff and I will get busy running your medical records down and getting the things together that need to be put together to package your claim into a case that can be negotiated. But the last thing in the world you need is for me to be runningĀ  you to the doctor’s office or giving you some task to do. Simply call me after every doctor visit and let us take care of the rest.

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that you’re in a bad car wreck once in your life, or maybe twice, but you don’t have any real experience in that fortunately. It’s not the kind of thing you want to get real experienced at. The reason you need a lawyer is because you have no clue what your rights are. The law allows all kinds of different areas of compensation for losses, such as loss of working capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, medical bills, property damage. There’s just a tremendous number of different areas of damages that you can recover and unless you know how to calculate and to recover each of those elements, there a good chance you’re going to leave some of your settlement on the table and nobody needs to do that because you only get one settlement and one settlement only.