A Middle Tennessee family is still seeking justice after their loved one was ran down in Madison, TN. Two weeks ago, we told you the story of a 68-year-old man struck by a car while walking across State Route 45. He was left severely injured in the street as the white Impala that hit him drove away. ‘We are going to do whatever we got to do to find this person,’ promised his family.


Vanderbilt University Medical Center cared for the man for the past two weeks, but it became apparent that he wouldn’t recover from his injuries. He was taken off life support and transferred to hospice where he passed away Monday night.


The specifics of his injuries haven’t been released, but accounts from his family painted a dire picture. ‘He is torn up all on the outside, all on the inside.’


The list of injuries that a person can suffer after a Middle Tennessee auto accident is long and even minor damage can lead to major complications and major bills. All too common, and exceptionally devastating, are head and brain injuries. These injuries present a unique challenge since the effects can be either obvious or subtle.


Middle Tennessee brain injuries aren’t always as apparent as others like broken bones or amputations, but the effects can be just as debilitating and often permanent. Severe brain injuries can cause amnesia and paralysis, but some of the effects of head injuries can be harder to detect. Sometimes a brain injury will cause a victim to have a change in personality, mood swings, depression, or lapses in memory, all of which can rob them of their livelihood.


Hopefully, the driver that hit the man in Madison and then cowardly fled the scene will be found so the family can find the justice they deserve. In their words, ‘I don’t see how anybody can do another human being the way he’s been done. You don’t just hit somebody and not stop… If there’s anybody out there that saw anything if they would please come forward.’



Middle Tennessee Brain Injury Lawyers


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