We’re quickly approaching the holidays, and winter weather is approaching quickly as well. Winters in Middle Tennessee can be unpredictable. When ice and snow finds its way onto our streets, car accidents become much more likely which is why it’s important to drive with even more care and caution.


The most important thing to do while driving in wintery conditions is to stay alert and watch out for other drivers. You may be able to control what you’re doing, but you can’t account for everyone else on the road. Always leave a lot of space between yourself and other vehicles to give them and you extra distance in case a quick stop is necessary.


Know your route and what the weather will be before you even start to travel, even if it’s just a short distance. Knowing all conditions will allow you to know if there are road closures or if the weather will be bad enough that you should avoid traveling all together.


You should also prepare for the worst… getting stuck. If you’re left stranded, having the right supplies in your car can be a life saver. Keep a blanket, food and water, warm clothing, cell phone, flashlight, and a full tank of gas on hand to keep you safe until you can get the help you need.


Car Accident Lawyers in Nashville


Let safety always be your top priority when driving. But if you do get into a Nashville car accident, talk to an experienced injury lawyer to find out your rights.


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