Middle Tennessee workers face numerous hazards throughout their daily activities. Some of the most common workplace hazards are injuries caused by strains and sprains and while these injuries can be crippling and costly, unfortunately they happen far too often and usually don’t make the news. A fiery work accident in Antioch, TN grabbed both headlines as well as the attention of nearby residents whose homes were shook by an incredible explosion.


The incident occurred at Southeastern Freight Lines in Antioch early Monday morning while two workers were attempting to unload a disabled forklift from the back of a tractor trailer. To remove the broken lift they used a forklift of their own.


It’s believed that a propane tank on the disabled forklift was leaking and had slowly filled the trailer with combustible gas. Leaking propane tanks can lead to combustion or asphyxiation and either is capable of causing serious injury or death in an Antioch work accident.


Often with a slow leak symptoms like nausea, headache, fatigue, and dizziness will warn workers of a potential issue, but the Antioch workers didn’t get a chance at these early warnings. As they attempted to drag the vehicle out of the 18-wheeler, a spark ignited the propane and the trailer exploded.


The resulting explosion woke up the facility’s surrounding Antioch neighbors and started a blistering fire. Local firefighters quickly responded and shut down Murfreesboro Pike for nearly an hour while the fire was brought under control.


The two workers attempting to remove the forklift were severely injured in the initial explosion. Both were rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with life-threatening injuries that included 2nd and 3rd degree burns.



Antioch Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


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