iStock_000007483649_Medium-300x199 Father Continues To Seek Justice After Deadly Motorcycle Accident

When you have a loved one killed in an accident, you want answers. You want to know why it happened. You want to know how it happened.

When you have a loved one killed in an accident, you want answers.  You want to know why it happened.  You want to know how it happened.  And if someone was responsible, you want them to be held accountable.  That’s all that a Middle Tennessee father is asking for after losing his son in a terrible motorcycle accident.

His son was cruising on his Harley down Gallatin Road when an SUV pulled out in front of him.  The motorcycle collided with the vehicle and the rider suffered injuries that would ultimately take his life.  According to police, the SUV failed to yield.  So the father is asking why the driver isn’t facing any charges.

In our state, failure to yield that leads to a deadly accident is grounds for prosecution.   The wording of the laws is where things get tricky, though.  Part of the law says if the yield failure occurs in an intersection, then charges can be brought, but that wasn’t the case in the fatal motorcycle wreck.

The father feels deprived of justice, and as wrongful death lawyers in Nashville, it’s hard to argue with his grievances.  Especially, when you realize that an amendment was passed to that very failure to yield law well before the crash took place.  This amendment would hold any driver that didn’t exercise due care while failing to yield accountable.

When asked about this change in the law and how it affects the motorcycle case.  The DA’s office responded.

“The execute due care provision has its own specific requirements that must be met and may not cover all incidents… At the time, our office was asked only for an option as to whether this crash occurred at an intersection as required.”

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