Helmets are required when riding a motorcycle in Middle Tennessee, and the type most often suggested is the full face helmet. A full face helmet cover the rider’s entire head, including the vulnerable base of the skull and chin. Critics of the full face helmets usually cite the additional heat, lack of wind, and a sense of isolation, as reasons for not wearing them — but the cool air comes at the expense of protection.


A rider in Murfreesboro could have used the additional safeguard after a freak accident earlier this week. She was cruising alongside her husband down South Church Street when they rode by the 14th hole near Murfreesboro’s Indian Hills Golf Course.


A man teed off on the 14th; his shot was long but well off course. The motorcyclist beside his wife saw the golf ball as it sailed over trees and bounced on the road in front of their bikes… his wife didn’t. The ball hopped off the pavement and smashed into her mouth.


She didn’t wreck her bike, but she was left with far fewer teeth than before the ride began. She was taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center and treated for her injuries.


The story of the biker getting her teeth knocked out by an errant golf ball has been quickly circulating around news sources, usually with a comical bent and a funny caption, and it may be easy to find humor in the absurdity of the accident, especially given that the outcome could have been far worse.


But the incident shouldn’t be so humorous given the startling amount of motorcycle accidents and deaths across Tennessee. This year alone 42 bikers have already been killed on Tennessee roads. It’s become such an issue that the Tennessee Department of Transportation has been posting the growing number of motorcycle fatalities along the state’s highways.


Some motorcycle groups within the state are also doing what they can to bring awareness to the staggering number of deaths. On Wednesday the Concerned Motorcyclists of Tennessee and the American Bikers Active Toward Education joined together for an awareness cruise from LP Field to Music Row. Beyond the ride through Nashville, the groups have teamed with cities like Clarksville to roll out ‘Look Twice Save a Life’ motorcycle safety campaigns.


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