The Tennessee Department of Safety is responsible for all aspects of traffic safety in the state. Despite the agency’s efforts in teen driver education, senior driver safety, motorcycle safety, and other educational programs, accidents in Davidson County rose slightly to 21,762 in 2012 from the previous year’s 21,560.


About 63 of the incidents were fatal, 6,754 produced injuries, and 14,945 showed property damage only.


Shelby suffered from the most accidents at 29,128, with 83 fatal incidents, 7,339 for injuries, and 21,706 for property damage.


The entire state had 171,150 accidents, with 943 producing death, 47,268 for injuries, and 122,939 for property damage.


About 85 accidents involved bicyclists, with only one being fatal. About 296 involved pedestrians. Motorcycles had 139 fatal accidents.


Alcohol was involved in 723 of the crashes. Another 1,892 accidents came from distracted driving, which involves removing focus from the road to perform other tasks such as talking on a cellphone, texting, or eating.


Drivers in the 25-to-29-year-old age group contributed to the most crashes at 5,273, followed by those aged 21 to 24, who produced 4,495 incidents.


The most dangerous day of the week in Davidson County was Friday, with 3,691 accidents. This day was also the most dangerous for the state with 29,320 accidents.


Most accidents, numbering 5,809, occurred from 3 p.m. to 5:59 p.m.


The most dangerous month was October, with 1,961 accidents, followed by December at 1,928, and November at 1,919.


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