iStock_000053125734_MediumTruck accidents have the potential to inflict the most devastating injuries to motorists and pedestrians. Nashville’s role as a major commercial transportation hub results in plenty of through-traffic from national carriers as well as local businesses. Now, Nashville injury lawyers reveal that some of these accidents may be the results of health problems and behavioral choices made by truckers.

The Possible Anatomy of an Accident Involving a Trucker

Relying on research compiled by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM), theClaims Journal names three reasons that crash risks increase for truck drivers.

  1. Cell phone use while driving. Although a company may have put rules in place governing cell phone usage by truck drivers while on the road, some of these professionals still use the devices while driving. This results in a decrease of attention.
  2. Inadequate health monitoring. Examples cited include untreated hypertension, undiagnosed blood pressure problems and obesity. These types of health problems may be associated with crash involvement.
  3. Lack of sleep. Coupled with stress and long hours on the job, the lack of sleep can lead to problems focusing on and reacting to traffic conditions.

Navigating the Legal Maze after an Accident

If you are a motorist or pedestrian, who was involved in an accident with a truck, your injuries as well as any property damage incurred has harmed you. When seeking to address your losses, it can be tempting to talk to the insurance adjuster and take the offer presented to you.

Unfortunately, these professionals work for the insurer and not for you. As a result, they must present you with the lowest possible offer that most likely will not be enough to allow you to recover all your losses. Consulting with your trusted Nashville injury lawyers can be in your best interest. Contact us today to find out more.