Last year, a woman was with her husband enjoying an exciting race at a Middle Tennessee track. As cars were zipping around the race track, one lost control and started to barrel toward the fence where she stood watching.


Fearful that she was going to be struck by the runaway car, she stepped back and away from the fence. The car ultimately regained control and didn’t wreck, but unfortunately the woman stepped onto a return road and directly into the path of vehicle towing a motorcycle back to the pits.


The woman reports that she was struck by the vehicle and was seriously injured. She is now filing a suit against the racetrack, which according to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance is the first complaint filed against the racetrack since it opened in 1954.


What is Claimed in the Middle Tennessee Injury Accident Lawsuit?


The woman suffered injuries to her head, knee, and hip. The suit claims that although her head and knee have recovered, her broken hip socket has caused damage that will affect her permanently.


She has also named the man driving the vehicle that hit her in the suit since he failed to avoid the injury accident. The lawsuit claims that the racetrack ‘failed to provide adequate warnings or other safeguards to protect [her].’ The woman and her attorneys believe that the lack of safety barriers directly resulted in her crippling injury.


The racetrack asserts that their track is properly secured and perfectly safe. ‘We’re the safest track in the division and probably the safest track in the country.’


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