We don’t have to be helpless against accidents. We can fight to make sure that everything that can be done to prevent them is done. After a string of serious accidents and countless complaints it now looks like Nashville officials are doing something to make a dangerous intersection safer.


The intersection of Woodmont and Belmont has long been considered to be an unsafe area. In fact, within the past five months there have been 14 crashes there. Just recently a horrible crash occurred where two cars collided, trapping three teenagers within the wreckage. Those that live in the area believe they know what the source of the problem is, however.


After 11pm the traffic signals flash yellow instead of switching from green to red. According to one nearby resident, “I believe they start flashing at 11 p.m. All the accidents I’ve heard have been around 11:05 to 11:25 right after they start flashing.”


So what can be done? Well, the city is now having the traffic signal at that intersection run all night. It’s believed that the change will greatly reduce the number of accidents, and so far it’s been working. Since the change there have been no serious wrecks at Woodmont and Belmont.


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As a community we should always be striving to make our streets safer for ourselves and for our families. Sometimes this means new laws or new crosswalks and traffic signals, and sometimes it means taking a stand against those that have caused us harm.


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