Everyday Citizens Can Play Their Part in Preventing Accidents

April 24th, 2013|blog|

Well, it has happened yet again. A Murfreesboro, Tennessee woman was spotted driving the wrong way down a street by an alert citizen who called the police to report the strange and erratic behavior. When [...]

What Should You Do If Your Car Breaks Down on the Highway? | Nashville Car Accident Lawyers

March 22nd, 2013|blog|

Having car troubles is always a pain. You’re driving along the interstate when your car starts to stutter and you know it won’t be long before it breaks down completely. The only thing you can [...]

Big Trucks Make For Big Wrecks in Middle Tennessee

March 8th, 2013|blog|

On Saturday morning emergency crews arrived to the scene of a Nashville semi-truck accident. The tractor trailer was completely destroyed; half of it was dangling off the interstate while the other half laid in a [...]

Middle Tennessee Winters Pose a Threat to Drivers

December 17th, 2012|blog|

We’re quickly approaching the holidays, and winter weather is approaching quickly as well. Winters in Middle Tennessee can be unpredictable. When ice and snow finds its way onto our streets, car accidents become much more [...]

Family of Accident Victim Reflect As Drunk Driver is Sentenced

November 21st, 2012|blog|

It seems like little time passes without hearing a story about a Middle Tennessee family who has been devastated by a drunk driving accident. No matter what punishment comes down on the drunk driver, it [...]

Model Files Suit After Ex-Boyfriend Runs Her Down in Parking Lot

September 14th, 2012|blog|

At the end of last year, a man met with his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of her workplace, desperately hoping to rekindle their lost relationship. She wasn’t interested. That being said, she got out [...]