Multiple Factors Can Lead to Big Truck Accidents in Tennessee

February 15th, 2013|blog|

Hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial trucks can be seen crossing Tennessee streets and interstates each and every day. The 80,000lb behemoths present a unique danger to other motorists. When you’re involved in a Nashville [...]

More Trucks Are Being Pulled From the Road for Mechanical Issues

November 2nd, 2012|blog|

We’ve previously discussed on several occasions the unique dangers that commercial trucks pose to Middle Tennessee motorists. Our big concern comes from the fact that when truck accidents happen, the people in the smaller passenger [...]

Family of Accident Victim Hope to Rewrite Law in Her Honor

October 5th, 2012|blog|

Last year a 16-year-old was driving home when a speeding car swerved into her lane and collided head-on. Both the girl and the other driver were tragically killed in the accident, and now her surviving [...]