Your Personal Injury Attorney and You in Nashville Trial Courts

September 6th, 2011|blog|

Your personal injury attorney has a one objective, and that is to settle your accident case. Once he’s got that target in his sites, he aims to settle your case efficiently and with an outcome that’s best for you. An experienced attorney with thousands of successfully settled personal injury cases can, most of the time, settle an accident case without ever setting foot in a courtroom. Now, if the insurance company really wants to fight, your claim could take you all the way to a Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County Trial Courts judge. You’re not required to follow through with a civil court trial. If the insurance company digs in its heels, you can choose to walk away at any time. But your attorney is ready and willing to fight for your claim in court. He’s been there numerous times before and knows just how to handle it. Most likely, you haven’t been to court before. So, what should you expect? […]