How Can We Lower Car Accident Costs?

September 9th, 2010|blog|

If you close your eyes and imagine your reaction to being in a car accident, or remember what you thought when you actually were in a car accident, a of lot things probably rush to the front of your mind. Everybody shares that instant impression of fear, a furrowed brow, the feeling of physical tension and then the question, 'Am I hurt?'. Accident victims who are fortunate enough to "walk away" from the site of impact may only then begin to feel the impending cost of the accident. Not only is there intangible emotional output after a car accident, there's a lot of actual time output spent reliving the whole thing for police officers and insurance adjusters. There's time spent figuring out how now to make it from point A to point B without your own vehicle. There's time spent finding yourself a new vehicle or just waiting on repairs. And then there are the bills.

Road Rage

July 28th, 2010|blog|

A quick survey on driving habits and experiences among our readers: Which of these forms of aggressive driving or motorist behavior have you experienced or observed in the past week? - Driving faster than the speed limit - Tailgating/Driving too closely behind - Changing lanes without signalling or allowing proper space between cars - Erratic lane changes - Flashed headlights from annoyed motorist - Passing on the shoulder or the break-down lane - Ignoring traffic control devices, such as stop or yield signs, railroad crossing signals and traffic lights - Rude/obscene gestures - Verbal Abuse - Deliberating blocked by another vehicle - Physical assault OK, confession time: which of those acts have you committed yourself? Of course, none of us would even dream of such rude conduct had we not been provoked by other drivers. After all, it's common knowledge that "everyone who drives faster than I do is a maniac, and everyone who drives slower than me is an idiot." Kidding aside, that phrase is considered the Road Rage motto. And the aggressive driving habits listed above are the most common precursors to incidents of road rage that can have serious consequences.