Nashville Car Accident Lawyers Offer Tips on Intersection Safety

October 8th, 2015|auto accident, blog, personal injury|

Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming an intersection crash statistic. Our Nashville car accident lawyers explain. Whether you are new to driving or you have driven [...]

Powerful Words From Surviving Family Member of Deadly Wreck | Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers

February 24th, 2015|blog, personal injury|

As personal injury lawyers in Nashville, we’ve seen that the terrible winter weather we’ve experienced in the past weeks has been more than dangerous; it’s been deadly. The heartbreak that comes with losing [...]

Nashville accident attorneys understand the long-term effects of serious accidents

September 9th, 2014|auto accident, blog|

A recent article from Nashville Scene discusses the tension between motor vehicle drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, questioning how safely they can co-exist on the road. The article highlights the potential dangers by sharing the story of a cyclist in [...]

Five Signs it’s Time to Contact an Accident Attorney

July 1st, 2014|auto accident, blog, lawsuits, personal injury|

Nashville residents are involved in auto accidents everyday. However, not every one is going to need to contact a lawyer because of their accident. In some instances, you can handle the situation yourself and no [...]

Repeat Offender Sentenced to 50 Years After Deadly Wreck | Nashville Car Accident Attorneys

October 18th, 2012|blog|

With so many busy motorists constantly driving on Middle Tennessee roads, car accidents are bound to happen. Sometimes accidents are just that and blame is never placed on one driver or another. But when a [...]