Spectator Files Suit After Injury at Racetrack | Personal Injury Lawyer Nashville

August 31st, 2012|blog|

Last year, a woman was with her husband enjoying an exciting race at a Middle Tennessee track. As cars were zipping around the race track, one lost control and started to barrel toward the fence [...]

Fog and Ice lead to fatal 50-car pileup near Nashville

December 9th, 2011|blog|

Last Thursday, the eastbound lanes of Vietnam Veterans Boulevard were completely shut down due to four separate chain reaction crashes that left 17 people injured and one man dead.   That morning, the temperature had [...]

A Nashville Man Tells Why He Will ALWAYS Ask Mitch for Help

November 23rd, 2011|blog|

Wrongful Death Settlements Can Be Survivors’ Only Hope for the Future

March 22nd, 2011|blog|

In some cases a wrongful death claim is the last, or best, resort for making sure surviving family members can get on with their lives with the least amount of worry.