Three Reasons You Need an Attorney After A Serious Injury

February 22nd, 2011|blog|

Attorneys get a lot of ribbing­–from both friends and antagonists–about their chosen career path. Sure, attorneys and lay people alike all can name innumerable instances in which a plaintiff has unjustly accused someone of wrongdoing solely in hopes of winning a lottery-like payoff. That kind of stuff gives all people a bad name (not just attorneys)! But if you ask, most professionals who specialize in injury law will tell you about a desire to help people; people who have suffered serious injury at work, in a car accident, at the hospital during a medical treatment or somewhere out around town. We’re talking about serious injuries that require serious time and serious finances for recovery. Everyone expects medical, auto or worker’s compensation insurance to cover all of their needs after an accident results in an injury, but that’s just not always the case. Here’s where an injury attorney can save the day. […]