The consequences of drunk driving are pretty clear. Television and radio spots, as well as billboards and other forms of media, are constantly stressing what will happen if you’re caught drinking and driving. Many of these campaigns hope to make it clear that drunk drivers will be caught and are going to receive hefty fines, probably lose their license, and in some cases spend time in jail.


While a lot of these ads focus on the trouble you’ll get into if you drink and drive, they don’t often highlight how families and entire communities are affected when a drunk drivers recklessness causes an accident. But as a sad reminder of the ramifications of DUI, the Nashville comedy community is reeling from the loss of one of their own at the hands of a drunk driver.


A local Nashville comedian was killed in North Carolina over the weekend when he was struck by a drunk driver shortly after finishing a show. The impaired driver walked away with non-life threatening injuries while the comic was declared dead at the scene. He’s remembered by loved ones as well as the Nashville comedy community who plan a benefit showcase at Zanies, where he regularly performed, to help support his surviving family.


While it’s often the fear of getting in trouble that causes many people to choose to not drink and drive, the true consequence of intoxicated driving isn’t that a person could spend time behind bars, but that a family could spend a lifetime without someone they love.


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