iStock_000021589134_Large-300x200 Truck Driver Charged With Aggravated Assault After Using His 18-Wheeler As A Weapon

A woman switched lanes in front of a semi-truck, feeling like the woman had cut him off, the truck driver tapped her back bumper several times with his rig.

Drivers in Middle Tennessee were reminded of how dangerous big trucks can be last week. Tractor trailers are big, massive machines. They’re fast, heavy, and when a reckless driver is behind the wheel they can be deadly. As truck accident lawyers in Nashville, we know that a big truck can be as dangerous a weapon as any gun, and a truck driver proved it right here in Middle Tennessee.

According to reports, a woman was driving along Interstate 40 when she switched lanes in front of a semi-truck. Feeling like the woman had cut him off, the truck driver tapped her back bumper several times with his rig. According to the woman, “Not only did he endanger my life but all the drivers around me.”

Metro police seemed to agree because they have arrested the driver and charged him with aggravated assault. The company that employed the man is trying to do as much damage control as possible claiming, “We are safety oriented here and we want our drivers to drive safely. We want other people around us to drive safely.”

This isn’t the first problem Middle Tennessee police have had with that company either. Late last year, it was one of their rigs that were responsible for the tanker truck that overturned in West Nashville and caused an explosion. In that instance, the driver was found to be speeding. In fact, in just two years the company has received nearly a dozen “unsafe driving violations.”

These unsafe practices aren’t even as bad as them putting drivers behind the wheel that are willing to run another motorist off the road.

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