Getting hurt while traveling on business for your company has the potential of creating some sticky situations. Our Nashville accident lawyers have met with workers who refused to file workers’ compensation claims after being injured in these situations. When they finally visited us for help, they had occasionally already incurred staggering medical bills and sometimes even faced termination proceedings for absenteeism.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Rules while Traveling for the Job

It is a common misconception that you have to be in the act of doing the job to be covered by workers’ compensation during your business travel. Rather, this protection also extends to ancillary tasks such as attending an awards presentation or business-related dinner when your boss has asked you to do so. By the way, you should be covered from the moment you leave your home or office to go on the business trip. Coverage should not end until you return to your original starting point (home or office).

Exclusions, Personal Trips and Detours

At the same time, your employer may refuse to extend workers’ compensation coverage if you took a detour while at your target destination to visit a family member or buy something for personal use. Yet even if your accident happened while doing the work your employer sent you to do, there may be some exclusions. For example, if you neglected to follow safety rules in force at your company, workers’ compensation coverage may be denied.

Because there are so many nuances that govern both work-related travel injuries and workers’ compensation claims, it makes sense to contact us and learn about your rights.