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If you are injured at work, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You need those benefits, and fast. First and foremost, you need immediate medical treatment. If your physician takes you off work or your employer won’t allow a return to work with your medical restrictions, then you don’t have an income; you do, however, still have bills.

What will my workers’ compensation benefits include?

Workers’ comp benefits are meant to cover five basic expenses:

  1. Medical expenses to cover treatment and trips to the doctor following the accident;
  2. Temporary disability payments to cover your expenses while you can’t work;
  3. Permanent partial disability payments to reimburse you for any long-term disability or impairment your injury causes;
  4. Lifetime medical coverage for your injury; and
  5. Transportation mileage reimbursement if you do not have transportation to your doctor or physical therapy appointments, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier must provide reasonable transportation. Mileage reimbursement is provided in the event that your treatment requires travel more than one way and totals more than 30 miles round trip. With the constant increase in gas prices and only 2/3 of your income coming in, mileage reimbursement becomes very important!

You can get more detailed information about workers’ compensation benefits by reading our Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions.

At Mitch Grissim & Associates, we provide personalized, attentive service. Mr. Grissim oversees each of the cases we handle, and if you ever have questions or concerns regarding your case, the door is always open.

You can usually find him in his office in downtown Nashville during the work week, and if you call with a question you can expect an answer by the end of the day. He handles construction accidents, factory accidents, drivers’ accidents and even office accidents. You may be covered under the workers’ compensation laws even if you were injured in the parking lot, cafeteria or traveling to or from work (call our office to find out how).

It is possible that your employer will deny that the injury is work-related. Call us right away if you have an injury and your employer refuses to fill out an injury report or denies you medical treatment.

If you are hurt at work, call us immediately to make sure your claim does not get off track. If you wait until you have a problem, to contact an attorney, you risk substantial delays on your compensation. For example, if you are not working due to doctor’s orders and don’t receive your workers’ compensation check, we may need to file a Request for Assistance that could take as long as 60 days before the Tennessee Department of Labor makes a ruling.

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