On January 22, a woman working at a Nashville glass plant died in an industrial accident. The woman was apparently experiencing difficulty with a machine, and when she stuck her head in the machine to try to deal with the issue, she likely activated the machine, resulting in a severe head injury. While accidents do sometimes happen at work, there are several steps you can take to reduce your chances of being involved in a work-related accident.

  • If you are not trained how to properly use it, do not use dangerous equipment. Even after you are trained, make sure you use proper safety protocol when using dangerous equipment.
  • Avoid taking potentially dangerous shortcuts. This includes using unstable items as step stools or climbing on unsteady surfaces to better reach something. It also includes not using safety gear such as goggles or a hard hat. While you might not get injured the first time you take a dangerous shortcut, as it becomes a habit, you are more likely to get hurt.
  • Watch out for spills or slippery surfaces. If you cause a spill or if you notice one, clean it up or report it to the correct authority.
  • When lifting heavy objects, use a team lifting technique, and make sure to lift with your legs. If it is too heavy to lift safely (even when team lifting), find another way to move the object.
  • Encourage those around you to practice workplace safety. When possible, do this without your coworkers feeling like you are lecturing or nagging them. Ultimately, though, it is better to be a nag than for someone to get seriously injured.

Unfortunately, even when you try to practice workplace safety, accidents can happen. If you were injured at work, do not try to deal with worker’s compensation on your own. Our Nashville injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with worker’s compensation cases and are happy to help you. Contact us to get the most out of your worker’s comp claim.