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Injured in an Accident?

A traumatic personal injury can disrupt your life completely – the pain, the stress, the medical bills, not knowing what could happen to you and your family is enough to make you crazy. It’s a heavy burden, but you don’t have to bare it alone. Let us take the weight off of your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery.

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers

At Mitch Grissim & Associates, we are passionate about helping victims get the compensation they deserve. Dealing with a personal injury is never easy, and when those responsible refuse to pay the damages, the stress can be insurmountable. With our years of experience, however, you can be sure that you have the skilled help you need by your side the entire time.

We strive to win you maximum compensation to make it easier for you and your family members to move on after these tragic accidents. We want to act as your partners in the recovery process providing service not only to your legal interests but to you as a person as well. We keep an open door policy, so don’t hesitate to come by with questions or concerns at any point in your case.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are all too common, but that doesn’t mean your case doesn’t matter. If your accident was caused by a negligent driver, you could be entitled to benefits. Your recovery is the most important factor in all of this, but with the proper compensation you’re owed, paying for your recover and your pain and suffering is much easier.

Truck Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents are a bit different as they’re typically more serious both in terms of injuries and damage. Because of the inherent dangers, you need to have a personal injury lawyer fighting for you in these cases. Making a claim against another driver is hard enough, but taking on an entire trucking company depending on where the liability is is a different challenge entirely.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles can be some of the most exciting driving experiences you’ll ever have, but they’re also among the most dangerous. That’s why you need the help of a reputable personal injury lawyer if you’re caught up in an accident. Did you know that another driver can still be responsible for your accident even if they didn’t physically touch you? The professionals at Mitch Grissim & Associates can see your case through.

Pursuing Your Personal Injury Claim as a Partner

The legal process can be long, but we strive to build a personal relationship with you so you always understand how your case is proceeding and how close you are to getting the compensation you deserve. We know time is of the essence especially when you’re going through recovery.

Every day you’re not working or racking up medical bills is just more of a burden on you and your family. You deserve results fast which is why most of our cases settle out of court. A settlement is a great way to save time and money and over 90% of the time, that’s exactly what we do.

Meet Mitch Grissim

Mitch Grissim was raised from an early age to focus on the little things that matter because the little things are what make all the difference when it comes to quality legal services. Something as simple as returning a phone call the same day can go a long way and Mitch understands that which is why it’s the standard practice at Mitch Grissim & Associates.


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Whether you’ve been hurt in a car accident, hit by a semi truck or hurt on the job, Mitch Grissim & Associates will fight to get you the money you need to get back on your feet. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation within the community. But don’t just take our word for it! See what our clients have to say about us.

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Mitch Grissim & Associates
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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Kristy Vincent

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I was involved in an auto accident and Mitch Grissim's office (Jesse and Brenda) made my experience so much easier by taking care of everything. They kept me up to date on everything that was going on with my case and settled my case quickly. Recommend 100%

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Maria M

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Great experience with this firm! The team with whom I worked made the entire process simple and they communicated thoroughly and effectively with me throughout. I am grateful to have found them and only wish I had done so sooner as it relieved a great deal of stress!

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Seven Williams

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I had a very strange circumstance at a local major chain restaurant here in Nashville, located in the Westend area.

I spoke with the Mitch Grissim firm and Jesse Waterman handled my case. I met Mitch Grissim as Jesse was handling the case and those that know me well will tell you that I'm not quick to compliment you simply because you are doing something that I may benefit from. However, not only are these guys professional in how they handle the case, but they treat you very kind.

I would recommend this law firm very strongly as many of you may know there are too many spineless attorneys that will ,( in the words of Moe from the Three Stooges), "try and double cross you".

My case was handled in no time and they just didn't want to go against the firm and it's long term good name that has been built in the city. They were also preparing for the long haul fight had it been necessary and I would use them again if ever needed!!!! Really professional, yet down to earth. Great job Jesse and Mitch!!!

Issac Williams

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Hannah Richardson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

I'm so glad I found Mitch Grissim and Associates after my car accident. Jesse and Vicky helped navigate a very intimidating process and treated me like a person, not just a client. As the mediator in my settlement hearing said about Jesse: It's rare to find a lawyer who is good at his job and who cares. I am grateful for Jesse and this firm.

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Lailah Mendoza

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Mitch Grissim and Associates were great. I am so happy that I made the right choice.Very pleased with their services after my car accident.Hard working and speedy!!! -LaJessica D

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Mitch has received the AV-Rating* under Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review rating system. He was also listed as a MidSouth Super Lawyer**.

Mitch has been practicing locally in Nashville for over 36 years. He’s handled thousands of personal injury cases and recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

You can find Mitch here in his office almost every day. He oversees each case and is readily available to discuss its progress. If you have questions or concerns, our door is always open.

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